Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mayor Summey's Response...

Ms. Dubuque,

Thank you for writing me. Several months ago, the Northwoods Estate Neighborhood Council approached CARTA regarding traffic hazards entering Greenridge Road from River Avenue. It was requested by the Neighborhood Council that CARTA cease making bus stops for entering traffic onto Greenrigde Road or on northbound CARTA routes. Realizing the safety issue as traffic backed up onto Rivers Avenue, CARTA granted the request. However, traffic exiting Greenridge onto Rivers Avenue has a bus stop specifically for the Dial-America vicinity. Unfortunately, last week the construction on Greenridge Road prohibited the CARTA buses from entering or exiting the road, due to their size. Furthermore, CARTA was not appropriately contacted by the road construction company. Therefore, they had no opportunity to notify riders in advance of the change in service. I regret that you were not made aware of the changes. All parties are now aware of your concerns and this issue should not occur again. For future traffic redirections and interruptions, CARTA should be notified in advance in order to inform all riders of any changes in service.

I hope this information finds you well.

Sincerely, R. Keith SummeyMayor

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